Easy Being Green Smoothie

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A protein-packed green smoothie with no added sugar that makes it so easy to be green. I’m sitting here making a list what ingredients I need to buy to make my two classic contributions to Thanksgiving dinner. They are pretty much the easiest dishes, which is likely why I have been trusted to bring them year after year. Corn pudding and green bean casserole, both made in the Crock Pot. That’s right, just combine all the ingredients, turn that sucker on high and evacuate the kitchen. For the record, both are always gobbled up, so I’ll...

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3 Downtown Chicago Running Routes

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I spent some quality time in the Windy City this fall, which I am certainly not complaining about Whenever I go to Chicago, it’s like visiting an old friend. We pick up right where we left off. I grew up visiting Chi-town a lot because my uncle has a condo there, so it’s no big thing to do settle in and do those non-touristy things like ride the L, pick up a few things at Jewell (the grocery store down the street), grab a bite to eat or head out for a run. Speaking of running. Downtown Chicago is one of my favorite places to hit the pavement....

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Girls on the Run Fall 5K & Why I’m A Coach

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This Saturday was the Girls on the Run of Franklin County fall 5K, which is the event that my small-but-mighty team of eight little ladies trained for the past 10 weeks. The girls showed up on a chilly morning in downtown at Columbus Commons bundled in coats, scarves and gloves, which were quickly shed as the sun came out and the start time neared. For a few of them, this was their first 5K, and they were nervous. “Are you ready for this?” I asked the first girl to arrive at our meeting spot, among 1,400+ girls from the 60+ other Girls on the...

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5 Cold-Weather Cardio Workouts You Can Do Almost Anywhere

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Greetings from Ohio, where, although it’s March, there are still zero signs of spring. Honestly, whenever I’ve mustered up the courage to look at the 10-day forecast lately, it’s been like opening up that letter you’ve been anticipating but are afraid to open for fear of what may be inside. At this point, the mid-30s sound like summer. Also, to the marketers of Groupon, Travelzoo, Hilton, ZOZI and more… I see right through you, taunting me with email subject lines about Caribbean vacations and Hawaiian getaways,...

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2015 Goals & Resolutions

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Adding another year to the books and the kicking of a new one always gets me thinking about the highlights and lowlights of the past year and then, of course, what’s to come. I have rarely made solid resolutions per say but instead more of what I’d consider to be “guiding themes.” You know, overarching ideas to inspire and keep handy during the upcoming 365 days.  I’d compare it to a focus on strategy vs. tactics, but there I go using PR terms. Last year, I gave myself permission to just go all-in and embrace the...

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No-Bake Banana-Cran-Choco Energy Bites [+ Why I Now Eat Pre-Workout]

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  September is my sixth month of doing Fit Camp. For a whole half year, I have managed to peel myself from bed at 5:15 a.m. three days a week to get my behind knocked into shape at a class that’s a painfully fantastic blend of Crossfit and bootcamp. Since late April, there was only one time I didn’t run the mile to and from the gym to attend said behind-kicking session. I have learned to not only tolerate burpees but actually think they’re kind of fun. I can run longer and faster than I’ve ever been able to...

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My First Color Run: Tips for The Happiest 5K

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I finally got in on The Color Run fun this past weekend in Columbus. Or, more accurately, I experienced the “The Happiest 5k on the Planet.” My goal was to get as colorful as possible, and I think it’s safe to say that I reached- and possibly even exceeded- that mission. Not only was I sweating rainbows on Saturday but even still on Sunday. Apparently, all that color takes a couple of showers to fully fade away. This is a race that just embraces the crazy outfits. The more outrageous and, of course, colorful, the better. I...

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A Taste of Chicago [Music, Food + Running Fun]

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Chicago is one of my favorite cities. Maybe it’s because I grew up visiting the Windy City, so it hooked me early. Chi-town is like a high-roller who has stayed true to his inner Midwest spirit; it’s just friendlier and more approachable than NYC or LA. It’s location on the edge of Lake Michigan and its title as king of deep dish pizza just adds to its attraction. I blame my uncle Linas for both initiating my young love with Chicago, and for keeping my affair going. He, my aunt and cousins lived in Oak Park when I was...

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A Visit to Chillicothe + Spicy Black Bean Salad

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So, I must say, I have some pretty darned talented girlfriends. From rocking out on-stage to galloping horses full-speed around barrels, these ladies are totally not to be messed with. This weekend, I headed about an hour southeast of Columbus to Chillicothe (Ohio’s first and third capital city, just in case you are lacking on historical fun facts) for a couple “firsts”: To finally witness firsthand my good friend Jessie compete at a barrel racing competition and see my pal Mary Nelle sing at a local gig. On Friday night,...

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4 Days in Miami {A BlogHer Food Recap}

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Sometimes, work takes me to some pretty cool places. Take, for example, Miami. Two weeks ago, I headed to the Sunshine State to attend the BlogHer Food conference (very willingly, I might add). It may have been work, but, mostly, it felt like play. I think it’s that point when you can’t decipher between work and fun when it’s safe to admit, “Man, I kind of love my job.” And I do. Come on. It’s not every day you get to spend three days hanging out with 500 amazing food bloggers from across the world, many of...

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