Hi there! I’m Hana- thanks for visiting me. I’m a twenty-something (vagueness allows me to avoid the reality that 3-0 is edging increasingly closer) in Columbus, Ohio. By day, I’m immersed in all things digital (translation: social media, blogger engagement, online marketing and advertising) at a public relations agency. Many of my accounts are food-focused, which means I have the delicious privilege of interacting daily with some of the most fabulous foodies in the world (this is NOT an exaggeration!) – oh, and also that I am constantly starving!

You may be able to guess which of the big “C’ Ohio cities I’m from based on the way I pronounce my “A’s.” Think long “a” sound that draws out a bit (it’s that hint of a Southern drawl kicking in), so sounds like I’m saying “Cincinnaaaati.” Oops, gave it away.

Alright, time for a full disclosure:

I am kind of love with PR. Watching a campaign I helped design unfold is like watching a nail-biter of a football game (or, at least I think so- don’t know that I’ve ever felt the same excitement watching football).

I missed my travel bug vaccine, which means I may be found gallivanting around the US of A (or beyond) any given weekend. I like nothing better than exploring a new place- wandering the streets, parks and shops, sampling bites and beverages and chatting with the locals. Whether it’s in a big city or a middle-of-nowhere town, I am convinced you can uncover amazing stories and and end up leaving a bit of yourself behind, too.

My favorite way to explore a new place? Running it. Or at least walking it at length, and getting lost. Sometimes very lost. Follow my footnotes– just make sure to wear comfey (yet fashionable) shoes.

Running, and exercise in general, is my stress relief and one of the few ways I’ve found to give my brain a breather. I love trying out new workout routines, fitness classes and pushing myself beyond what’s comfortable. I also love sharing my love of fitness and workout challenges. Why? Because once you find the type of exercise you enjoy, your life will become infinitely better. Just trust me.

Visit my kitchen, and expect a scrumptious smoothie or salad. I’ve spent the six years since I graduated from Ohio University perfecting my trade- also known as making rabbit food. Yes, I love a hunk of peanut butter/chocolate cheesecake, a big burger right off the grill or a glass of wine (that’s being ultra-conservative), but let’s just say I don’t have any problems fitting in my fruits and veggies.

One of the very best things I’ve ever done, hands-down, is volunteer. Right now, I volunteer weekly at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and I am a Head Coach for Girls on the Run of Franklin County. If there is one thing I’ve learned through my volunteer work, it’s this: There is no better feeling than helping others, and, by doing so, you truly better your own life.

Thanks for stopping by, and keep in touch! Follow me on TwitterLinkedIn and Instagram, or shoot me a note at hbieliauskas [@] gmail.com.

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